About Me

I use a Nikon D-SLR although I used to use Canon till a year back.

Vineet Radhakrishnan

Photographer / Videographer

Vineet Radhakrishnan

I got interested in photography once I figured out I was completely useless at drawing and artwork. The camera was a stunning discovery to me and I found to my amazement something artistic I actually was not too bad at.

I’m a photographer who loves to document life as it happens. From weddings to family events, I love taking photos that capture the emotion and excitement of the moment. I specialize in capturing candid shots that capture the true personality of my clients. Whether you’re looking for portraits or simply want some beautiful photos to hang on your wall, I’m the photographer for you!

If you would like to get in touch with me for a photography assignment or anything else you can either email me or reach me on facebook.